01 Carrie Fisher-Pascual

Executive Producer, STILL

In addition to producing STILL, Carrie is mother to Elena and Isaiah and wife to Jonathan Pascual.

Carrie’s role as Executive Producer for STILL stems from her many years working in the non-profit sector, overseeing the daily operations of PlanetZaya, an independent film production company, and managing her own company Mariposa Bookkeeping.

Since the loss of their daughter Elena in 2002, the Pascual family has dreamt of producing this project.  Carrie’s own healing has come primarily from connecting to others who have suffered the loss of a baby.  She looks forward to the organic development of The STILL Project and she’s excited about the role STILL will play in changing the characteristics of a grief avoidant society, where miscarriage, stillbirth and infant death will be approached and discussed honestly.



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